My Favorite Crafting Tools & Adhesives

The Craft Items I Use All The Time

Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have lined up my favorite crafty tools for you. I am going to tell you about why I like them, how I use them and what makes them make me want to use them over and over.
(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Among them are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

This is a video I haven't done before but it was a request of my viewers so I have selected a bunch of tools that I use the most in my crafting and in the video I tell a bit about them and I share why I love to use them.

I am going to start with the craft creasers I have two Tonic Studios Crafter's Card Creaser ( CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) has the metal tip and is a bit thinner and more light weight.
It has a cush grip like a lot of the Tonic Studios tools and makes it comfortable to hold.

The white Tonic Studios - Precision Glide Folder - Card Creaser ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) is a bit heavier. With the pointed head you can score and with the flat side you can burnish.
I found myself using the precision glide more lately and I use it quite a lot as I cut my own cards to size, but the card creaser works perfect too and is a bit cheaper. 
If you don’t use a card creaser a lot you will find the card creaser a perfect tool

Then my favorite scissors they are the Tim Holtz scissors they all have the soft flexible handle
so they are great for fussy cutting like this cute little one Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Mini-Snips - 5 Inches ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) as they are soft to hold. My favorite one is the middle size Tim Holtz - Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors - 7 Inches ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC )
This is the size I use the most, I have to say I had to get used to them
I have been a hairdresser in a lifetime ago so scissors is a bit of a thing for me.

What’s very cool is that one of the blades is serrated and that means it has these let’s call them little teeth. That gives you a bit of bite when you cut so the paper doesn’t slide away which is great when fussy cutting what I like to do. The biggest one Tim Holtz - Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors - 9.5 Inch ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) is my hurry up scissors. I cut bigger pieces with it and I have it next to my die cut machine and the paper trimmer, so these are by far my favorite scissors.

The two smallest versions of the Tim Holtz scissors are now also available in the left handed version
Tim Holtz - Left Handed Mini-Snips - 5 Inches ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) and the
Tim Holtz - Left Handed Titanium Snips - 7 Inches ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) so that is pretty cool for all left handed crafters out there

favorite crafty tools

Another toolset that I use a lot are these Nuvo - Nylon Brushes ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC )
they come in a set of 12 and they have the different sizes. There are 9 pointy brushes that are great for colouring and the three flat brushes to colour bigger surfaces, to do a colour wash for instance.
All the brushes are great for making splats so this is a great set to have at hand if you like to watercolour with inks, make splats and such.

Next are the Nuvo - Media Spatulas ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) they come in a pack of two. They are like kitchen spatulas but then small and they are super cute not important but definitely a plus:-) They are a great small size so they fit in craft jars and they work great to spread pastes and mousse. They are flexible and are very comfortable to hold which is with almost all Tonic Studios tools so this is another tool I can highly recommend.

Another topper is the Nuvo - Craft Spoon ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) with the round spoon on one side and a bit of a curved spoon on the other side. It's great to pick up sequins and bigger pieces to add to shakers cards for instance. I use it a lot to pick up bits of embellishment mousse, as it’s recommended not to go with your fingers into the jar. It also works great to add bits of glitter or embossing powder on your projects for fun multi colour techniques to name one. Just another great addition to the tool box.

Another great tool is the Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Retractable Craft Pick ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) The pointy side is very long it’s longer than the average craft pick I know which makes it real easy to work with. What I also like about it that it’s retractable,
so when it’s back inside it’s completely safe you can’t poke yourself or someone else:-)
And if ever it falls to the floor it won’t end up in your foot, which is also very nice.

I like to use it on dies to remove the little leftover bits and also for lifting up pieces I added embossing powder on, for that I use it all the time.  The tip is also easy to clean which is another great thing about it and it’s easy to hold with the cush grip so this is another versatile tool.

Here is another tool set I love the Tonic Studios - Crafter Embossing Tool Set ( SBC | CST | CST | TNCUK ) or the Floral Crafters Tool Set is for forming and creating shapes in paper. I use it to shape flowers but I also use it to hold things down when glue needs to dry for instance. It comes three ball tools with an embossing mat and a pair of tweezers
that you squeeze to open and when you let go it holds pieces of paper by itself
The new version is blue which is my favorite colour but the orange works fine too of course:-)

The Tim Holtz guillotine trimmers are twom more favorites of mine. The mini Tim Holtz - 8.5 Inch Comfort Trimmer ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) With the finger help the measurements that are on the platform with the inches and centimeters and the other way around at the bottom.
There is a little ridge on both sides to align the paper and it handles real easy, when you put it up it stays up so it doesn’t fall on your hands which is great. It has the soft grip on the handle and it works great for cut cardstock and to cut pieces to size. 

I have a video where I tell all about the small and the big one Tim Holtz - 12.25 Inch Maxi Guillotine Trimmer( SBC | CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) and I share some fun craft hacks with the trimmers.

If you haven't seen the Tim Holtz Guillotine Trimmer Review + Craft Hacks video yet, make sure to check it out.

Another tool I love to use is the Nuvo - Surface Sweep Brush ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ). The surface sweep is a great tool to use with glitters and embossing powders to clean your surface. It's also the perfect tool to work in your glitters on your cards so it stays in place. When you store the brush make sure to put it back in the plastic that comes with the brush so the brush stays in shape and in good condition.

Another great tool is the American Crafts - Vicki Boutin- Palette Knife - Silicon ( SBC ) It's flexible and works really great if you have bigger parts to fill on stencils with paste for instance. It’s great to hold and makes pastes real easy to spread. 

Here are two more tools I use a lot the spray misters. The Ranger Ink - Tim Holtz - Distress Sprayer ( SBC | JGG | BLT ) when you squeeze it all the way you get a mist of water and when you squeeze it halfway you get drops. You can also lock it if you want to travel with it or you can also empty it if you want to take it on a trip, just a thought:-) 

The Nuvo - Light Mist - Spray Bottle ( SBC | CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) gives a really fine mist so there is a difference between the two. It comes in a pack of two and when you squeeze it all the way you get the fine mist and when squeezed halfway you get drops. You also have the lock option on this one. I really like the both and they are both really good options.

Then I want to show the Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Stamp Platform ( SBC | CST | TNCUK ) It comes with two magnets and the magnets are really strong so slide them over the platform base
don’t lift them as you can hurt yourself when you get in between them with your fingers.

The lid has a side for clear stamps and for rubber stamps, the side for rubber stamps is for mounted stamps that are thicker. You can easily take out the lid and turn it so the side you can read that is the stamp you can use.

I love using the platform for multiple stamping so going over a stamped image if needed to get a crisp image or a deeper colour. Also with the smaller stamps you can use less pressure and get a perfect stamped image.

Another tool I like is the Ranger brayer and what I like about it is that it’s flexible so it moves in the holder making is touch the paper really well. You can put it aside while working on it’s little feet
so it doesn’t touch the work surface. It rolls really easy it’s light and holds well and it also comes in a bigger size. I only have the cutie little one:-)

Next is something else I am really excited about and it is the Tonic Studios - Craft Tacky Glue - ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) Though it's really great it’s not the glue that is the best part, it's the tip that makes this glue awesome. It’s firm you can’t bend it, it’s ready to use it has this really fine opening for precision application. It also had a little tube inside the cap were the tip fits right in and that keeps it open so if you clean it after using it will be ready for the next time.

Because the tip is so small I recommend putting it upside down as it will take longer for the glue to travel to the tip when stored up straight. When you keep it upside down the glue will be right at the tip and you can start right away. They come in two sizes 120 ml and 60 ml and I prefer the small one because it’s easier to hold, but that’s just personal and other than that they are exactly the same.

The last things I want to share more in the glue department the Tonic Studios Funky Stick 21g( CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ). I use it all the time to add the stamps to the stamping platform to make sure they stay in place. It’s purple so it’s the weirdest colour, real funky but it dries clear. I found it’s better to add stamps as it sticks really well
and it’s not slippery like the regular white glue sticks and it’s very affordable. It’s photo safe so that means acid free, I've only used it on my platform so far but for that I really love it.

Then last but not least the Nuvo - Adhesive Tape Runner - Mini( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) this was in the craft kit so I got a chance to try it and I love this mini one. I always struggle with tape runners
but this one really glides smooth over paper and it doesn’t any leave scratches. It gives you great controlled application so if you are in a hurry I can really recommend this one.

I hope this post was helpful, thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!

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